PRÉCISE 3001 - safe - compact - economical

For further information please download the product flyer or the manual as attached PDF-document.

The compact oxygen conserving system 



  • Integrated pressure reducer
  • Unique device with AO2D (automatic Flow-adjustment) and EA (responce sensitivity adjustment) technology
  • Individual adjustment für each Patient (e.g.: secure the flow-adjustment, set limits for adjustments)  
  • Oxygen flow is adjustable up to 8 l/min.
  • Maintenance-free
  • Display indication for operating data and alarms

                    - No oxygen

                    - Battery Exchange

  • Easy to handle

                    - Patient only Switches ON / OFF

                    - Pre-settings will be saved

                    - Constant Flow at about 2 lpm is easyto operate


Avoids Patient caused operating Errors, due to electronic FUNCTION- LOCK


Increased economic efficiency due to reduced time and effort for servicing