For a quick and precise transcutaneous measurement of partial pressure of oxygen – tcpO2 / TCOM

PRÉCISE 8008 – measurement with up to 8 optical probes simultaneously


The cutting-edge NEW PC software solution offers the possibility to monitor tcpO2 investigations alongside with the PRÉCISE 8008 device intuitively. According to the user-friendly “What you see is what you get” concept, the clearly arranged tcpO2 results are stored in the patient database and can be simply transferred, printed or e-mailed as an extensive tcpO2 report with just a few mouse clicks. For best-practice documentations, the tcpO2 report can be easily individualized and images for probe positioning can be straightforward integrated, too. The tcpO2 differences from Steady State to provocational manoeuvres are calculated automatically and simplifies examination interpretation routines additionally. The clearly arranged software user interface minimizes training efforts and fulfils requirements of hospital data managements likewise.  



Medicap’s portable PRÉCISE 8008 monitor is providing up to eight optical probes for simultaneous positioning during transcutaneous oxygen pressure examinations on patient side. Because of the intelligent probe technology, the STEADY-STATE tcpO2 value will be calculated automatically after start and facilitating measurement routines. The PRÉCISE 8008 can be connected and controlled with any existing PC system via USB. The real time tcpO2 measurement can additionally be executed from the clear-arranged touch display in parallel. The PRÉCISE 8008 can optionally be operated as standalone device or be combined with existing diagnosis devices and can be used extremely compatible in multiple hospital device environments. Additionally the touch display of the device is sealed and can be cleaned or disinfected easily following any hygienic hospital requirements.



The innovative probe technology is based on dynamic fluorescence quenching. This optical method has a very high measuring accuracy and produces reliable real-time tcpO2 results without consuming any oxygen. The powerful optical probe is wear-free and designed for an everyday clinic use






With the optical tcpO2 measurement method those days are over when both the exchange of membranes on a regular basis and the time-consuming electrode calibration procedures before and in between measurements had to be considered. The optical tcpO2 measurement can be started shortly after switching on the PRÉCISE 8008. Only the probe has to be disinfected carefully before and after each measurement. 




Additionally to the one-time investment costs, the need of the daily consumables remains clear and simple to calculate. Thereby the optical tcpO2 measurement method of the PRÉCISE 8008 stays an economic and sustainable solution for any future hospital usage. 






  • Intuitive and user-friendly software interface on PC & PRÉCISE 8008 device
  • Clearly arranged graphical and numeric tcpO2 measurement
  • Individual and extensive tcpO2 report capabilities
  • Automatic probe tcpO2 STEADY-STATE recognition
  • Innovative optical tpcO2 measurement method
  • High measurement accuracy and reliable tpO2 probe without any oxygen consumption
  • Connection capabilities for up to eight optical tcpO2 probes simultaneously
  • Sealed PRÉCISE 8008 device touch display for easy daily cleaning and disinfection purposes
  • Economic and sustainable solution for clear calculable consumable costs 



  • Angiology
  • Phlebology
  • Vascular Surgery
  • Vascular Medicine
  • Podology
  • Diabetes
  • Wound Healing
  • Dermatology
  • Plastic and cosmetic Surgery
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Alternative medicine
  • Blood gas monitoring



  • Diabetes & PAOD (peripheral arterial occlusive disease) diagnosis
  • Angiological diagnosis
  • Confirmation of the revascularisation success
  • Diagnosis of chronic and/or arterial ischemia
  • Confirmation of blood gas analysis
  • Amputation level determination
  • Diagnosis of the Raynaud Syndrome
  • Diagnosis of Scleroderma 

For further information please download the product flyer or the manual as attached PDF-document.

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Manual english
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