Therapeutic Apheresis: Treatment protocol with ADAsorb®

A plasma therapy procedure with high selectivity and effectiveness.

The therapeutic apheresis with ADAsorb® is a procedure for the targeted removal of pathogens from the blood plasma. This blood purifi cation is carried out outside the body therefore

called extracorporeal circulation. The efficient procedure offers numerous predominantly for serious diseases a safe and effective therapy and differs fundamentally to a medical treatment. Only highly specified pathogens are removed without supplying the organism with agents. This minimises possible side effects, which often for example occur with medication. The high selectivity of this procedure enables to

treat large amounts of plasma as the important components of the plasma are maintained.

This allows target value oriented treatment.

This procedure infl uences verifi ably the clinical picture and the quality of life of the concerned person in a positive way. An adsorption system of high effectiveness combined with good agreeableness.