The new excess pressure inhalator

AEROLIFE 2 - The IPPB therapy

Respiratory diseases are often chronic and have to be treated several times a day. The medicap IPPB equipment can be used effectively to treat: Pulmonary Emphysema, Pneumoconiosis, Bronchiectases, Bronchitis, Bronchial asthma and other infectious and bronchopastic pulmonary changes.

The IPPB therapy provides patients with handicapped and limited respiration with regular and deeper ventilation. During intermittent respiration with positive pressure, air is introduced into the respiratory tracts with increased pressure during inspiration.



The newly developed control system of the medicap Aerolife 2 respiratory equipment and the logically and well arranged operating elements guarantee the exact and individual adjustment of the system functions:
Respiratory pressure, Flow speed, Start threshold, Atomisation, Expiratory resistance. The expiratory resistance can be continuously adjusted without external accessories when operated with any universal tube system.



Together with the AEROLIFE 2 you will get a carry-bag. Since the device weights only 5.3 kg it is easily carried around. You are totally independent with a additional voltagecon-verter to use the device on a 12 V powersupply. (Additional accessories order no. 002.190)


It has the following effects for example: Prevention or improvement of atelectases, mechanical dilatation of the bronchial system and lungs, improvement of the intake and absorption of aerosols, help in ughing up bronchial secretions during aerosol therapy, avoidance of pulmonary congestion due to pneumonoe demas, easier respiration in weak patients.

Medicap Aerolife 2 is intended for use at home by the home patient and in the surgery where there is no central pressure system. The easily portable equipment its operated by a powerful quiet membrane compressor. That is why even the home equipment guarantees good atomisation and a high flow speed. uced gas flow towards the end of the inspiration phase helps to ensure that the medication being transported is distributed intensively in the lung. In order to ensure this, the Aerolife 2 is equipped with the Venturi system which functions as a pneumatic coupler.



Improved technology, whereby the mechanical components have been replaced by modern flow elements, increases the life duration of the functional parts without expensive service requirements.
The medicap Aerolife 2 respiratory equipment functions absolutely reliably and is safe in its applications. We are certified DIN EN ISO 9001 and EN 46001.

For further information please download the product flyer or the manual as attached PDF-document.