PRÉCISE 6000 - The oxygen concentrator

The fully developed safety system for best possible oxygen supply, continuous oxygen concentration with innovative, tried-and-trusted durable technology.



  • First appliance with an alphanumeric plain-text display
  • Naturally low-noise
  • Fully developed safety system
  • Maximum oxygen concentration is reached extremely
  • quickly directly after switching on
  • Constant monitoring of all operational data and value
  • display of at the push of a button
  • Permanent check of the oxygen flow
  • Optimal service and maintenance facilities due to easy
  • accessibility of all subassemblies
  • No calibrations required at all
  • Multistage-design filter system for long-term operation
  • O2 indicator display
  • Display of the telephone of the appropriate dealer in the
  • event of service requirements
  • Recording of total as well as individual operating hours
  • Recording faults that may occur Message can be retrieved
  • Saving faults that may occur Message can be retrieved
  • Easy to extend due to modular design 


The basic principle of obtaining oxygen by means of oxygen concentrators is the pressure alteration procedure. Here in

Step 1

  • ambient air is drawn into a compressor and compressed in a container with a molecular sieve,

Step 2

  • nitrogen molecules are bound to the surface of the molecular sieve and as a result separated from oxygen molecules, which pass
    through the molecular sieve,

Step 3

  • the molecular sieve is vented by flushing the nitrogen found therein with a part of the oxygen obtained.

In the three-column medicap technique one column is always filled on an alternating (cyclical) basis, nitrogen is separated from oxygen in a further column and the molecular sieve is flushed in the third column.

This method guarantees – in this way without an additional reservoir – a continuous oxygen flow. As a result, an extremely rapid oxygen concentration build-up is achieved directly after switching on the appliance.



With the oxygen concentrator from the Prècise 6000 series you have chosen the right concentrator. Due to the use of state-of-the-art, wear-free sensor technology the appliance guarantees the user a safe supply of oxygen.

Comprehensive electronics permit:

  • A permanent check of the oxygen concentration by means of wear-free ultrasonic sensor technology. Threshold display according to DIN EN ISO 8359 ("M" version).
  • Continuous O2 flow monitoring.
  • Monitoring of the necessary operating pressure.
  • Optical and acoustic signal in the event of a power failure.
  • Monitoring of the function of the molecular sieve and the valve with automatic shutdown.
  • Optical and acoustic signal if the permissible operating temperature is exceeded.

Oxygene measurement ("M" version)

A wear-free ultrasonic sensor measures the oxygen concentration output. Measurement takes place continuously. Any possible deviation from the setpoint values is immediately signalled to the user in the display. The status display required by DIN is fully guaranteed. Three threshold values indicate the following to the user:


  • oxygen supply with more than 82 vol.%
    O2 < (smaller than) 82 vol.%
  • check the filter and flow rate respectively
    O2 < (smaller than) 72 vol.%
  • call the service technician, compressor switches off automatically


A comprehensive diagnosis system makes it easier for the service technician and specialised dealer respectively to precisely assess the fault on the telephone. This frequently enables a quick solution to the problem without any complicated service action.

At the push of a button the operator is provided with a multitude of information. Thus, the telephone number of the service unit, the software version and equipment of the appliance, time and date, current value of the oxygen concentration, pressure values of the molecular sieves, individual operating hours and total operating hours respectively, current interval time and the last three fault messages are displayed.


The ionisation module "I"

With the Prècise 6000 MI oxygen concentrator treatment dministered with ionised activated oxygen according to valid rules.

The ionisation module “I”, together with the Prècise 6000 concentrator, constitutes a complete treatment unit oxygen respiration therapy. Operating the appliance comfortably from the place of treatment via the infrared control that is supplied. The current operational data on the alpha-numeric display of the concentrator.



  • Compact treatment unit
  • Easy to handle and operate
  • Distinctly reducible administration time to e.g. 20 minutes per sitting with higher application efficiency
  • Acceptable time requirement when used in the practice-reasonable application duration for the patient
  • Permanent optical and acoustic operational check of the ionisation
  • Display and monitoring of the duration of the treatment
  • Long, highly flexible connecting tube to the mask, thus particularly suited for ergometer-aided oxygen application
  • Removable, sterilizable ionisation head
  • Extremely lightweight ionisation unit

For further information please download the product flyer or the manual as attached PDF-document on the rights side.

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PRÉCISE 6000 Module "I"
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